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    Industry 4.0 Era: Thoughts Collide with the Big Future of Modular Lighting

    Time: 2018-07-18

    Industry 4.0 Era: Thoughts Collide with the Big Future of Modular Lighting


    N recent years, the concepts of “Industry 4.0”, “Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Made in China 2025” have continued to heat up, especially in the manufacturing industry, and the market has reacted fiercely. In the era of Industry 4.0, China's manufacturing gradually transformed into China and began a revolution of the entire Chinese era.

    Looking back at history, we have discovered an amazing secret: before every industrial revolution, there will be a corresponding cultural trend that will flourish in advance. Before the industrial 1.0, it was the Renaissance; before the industrial 2.0, it was the second Renaissance; before the industrial 3.0, the "cultural golden age" and "hippie culture" of the United States rose; to the industrial 4.0, the innovative modular thinking came. 


    The truth of these history tells us that every development of science and technology is accompanied by the progress and transformation of thought. Under the influence of advanced ideas and advanced concepts, people began to think about the direction of the future, change and innovation, and a large number of technological pioneers emerged like spring bamboo shoots to promote the great development and great changes of social civilization.

    The emergence of each concept of thought, from the beginning to the end, will go through a long period of time, and it cannot be done overnight. In the process, every concept put forward is meaningful and worthy of recollection.

    For example, in the early years, Tencent proposed the concepts of QQ FOR WORK, QQ FOR SCHOOL, and QQ FOR FAMILY. When it comes up, it sounds quite reliable, but when it really needs to land, the path of the landing plan can't go out, and then it will be quickly corrected. Everyone remembers Tencent's successful products, these concepts are forgotten, but are these concepts not meaningful? Obviously this is not the case. These concepts have not been adopted, not because they are useless. It is their uselessness that promotes the usefulness of the latter.

    In the Internet age, we embrace Industry 4.0. We can do a lot of things at any time. It is obviously very difficult to make everything successful. But if there is a great success, it will drive the momentum of the whole company. At this time, everything that has been done in the past is very valuable.

    The Hong Kong and Guangdong Models, here, gathered together the creators of ideas, the practitioners of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, and a large number of outstanding young people. They collided together and produced a lot of innovation sparks, and with the help of capital These sparks have turned into business practices that are leading the industry.

    In Guangdong and Hong Kong, how to ensure that important things can be successful? For this problem, you should consider it systematically, not just a team or individual. Guangdong and Hong Kong Model, which can guarantee not to bury every outstanding talent, to create an efficient team that can continue to win.

    How do i do this?

    First of all, it is the culture of the Hong Kong and Guangdong model.

    What is advanced is not the thing, but the thought of producing it! What kind of thinking can you have to act? Guangdong and Hong Kong Model has a culture of tolerance and positive encouragement. It has a strong collective decision-making mechanism and is willing to let everyone try. This is a special place for the Hong Kong-Guangzhou Model. Even if there are many people who hold different opinions, as long as they have communication and exchanges, re-recognize their minds, and grasp the rhythm, they will eventually be on the road to success.

    Second, treat things from the bottom up.

    When the Hong Kong and Guangdong Models discuss things internally, regardless of the level of the position, people with different opinions can raise their rebuttals in a timely manner and say “NO” to the leaders. Considering things with logical thinking and diffusion thinking, the whole interior is full of reason, not authority and position. Only dare to say "NO", dare to give advice, more voices will be heard. Many times, these sounds often circumvent some catastrophic consequences.

    Finally, use less resources to do more things.

    Throughout the ages, no great achievement has been accomplished in a well-conditioned environment. No matter what challenges you face, as long as you think you can do it, you must try your best to use the resources in your hands to maximize your effectiveness and achieve your goals.

    Guangdong and Hong Kong model, from "0" to "1", only to maximize the use of resources, in order to gain more results.

    Through six years of hard work, Guangdong and Hong Kong Mould has completed the transformation of the lighting product system from centralized control to decentralized enhanced control, and solved the full range of standards for industrialized products. Today, it is the most crucial part of the industry chain. The establishment of a new business model has thoroughly penetrated the core of Industry 4.0 and brightened the future of modular lighting!

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