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    Hui Pai Hall

    Time: 2018-09-20

    I thought that walking into an ink painting is actually an all-intelligent three-dimensional space!

    Modular emblem building model house

    Make large capacity in small size

    White marble marble texture coffee table

    Simple and refined

    Comes with a practical locker

    Classical beauty



    The back chair fits the color of the fabric of the seat cushion

    Smart, durable

    And sitting comfortably



    Hand-painted ink painting on the wall, elegant and chic

    Plain and quiet



    Bamboo symbolizes bones, gas, fresh and refined

    Have a good wish for the peace of the bamboo and the rise of the festival

    Plum blossoms with high purity and strong character

    Giving people the motivation to make aspirations

    Boat on the water

    Symbolizes smooth sailing

    A quiet and peaceful picture jumps into the frame


    Interspersed with Huizhou style blue tile white wall


    Rare ancient buildings

    Meet all your fantasies about the ancient style


    'Close the backlight'

    'Tune the brightness of the lamp to 50%'

    'Tune the air conditioning temperature to 22 degrees, swing the wind up and down'


    Just voice, you can control the switch in the room

    Three-dimensional application scenario

    Based on the voice technology framework

    Bring the smart home system to the fullest

    Out of the room

    Don't worry about forgetting to turn off the lights and turn off the air conditioner

    Close the door

    They will automatically close

    Can you see the lights and coffee tables in the house?

    Chair, landscape painting

    And the background wall

    Are they made up of a small module?

    That's right, it's it!


    Module + decorative piece

    From zero to

    From a single module

    To the assembled coffee table, seats, lights, picture frames and walls

    From point to line

    From face to face

    Each time the freeze

    It’s all done with wisdom and sweat.

    at the same time

    Also pay attention to the harmonious unity of Huizhou architectural style art


    Module product color, shape change

    Very individual and not aesthetic

    Flexible use of multiple functional modules

    Free combination of any combination of different color modules

    Free adjustment to indoor light source and air conditioning temperature

    They are not just coffee tables, seats, lights, picture frames...

    You can play unlimited creativity

    Make the modules into different shapes according to your preferences

    Different scenes

    Embellish and decorate every corner of your life

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