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    Ming Qing Dynasty Style Hall

    Time: 2018-09-20

    The art of home improvement through crossing - the perfect fit between full modular and Chinese home improvement

    Zhengda Guangming Hall


    Chinese-style art style represented by palace architecture,

    Dignified and elegant, empty and tall, solemn and mysterious,

    Extremely symmetrical in style

    It is the place where the DPRK will listen to politics and establish rules.



    Zhengda Guangming'鎏金匾

    Vigorous and powerful, the black characters 'Zhengda Guangming' are four characters hanging high inside, namely:

    'The unbiased and extremely blessed when it is converged' is right,

    'Compatible with the quantity of the beginning of the macro' is said to be big,

    'Using the national view, only the best,' is the light,

    'Self-presentation to treat the group' is the clear.


    A pair of black gold on the cylinder is hung on the cylinder.

    High-spirited and profoundly artistic,

    Shanglian said that it is the integrity of appearance.

    Downlink is the direction of thought.

    Golden Throne


    Spectacular gold trophy,

    The background is made of screens made of golden decorative pieces.

    Both the subject is outstanding and stable, complex and not chaotic, solemn and solemn,

    The design of the throne is exquisite, and it is equipped with a mighty dragon.

    Various parts around the throne, with the effect of the stars and the moon, the brilliant effect

    Inherited in Ming and Qing style furniture

    Mostly dark, the color is more bold,

    Bright and full of personality, elegant and elegant,

    The Chinese design elements that are transmitted are solemn, restrained, and elegant.


    Furnishings of the Qing Dynasty,

    With the prosperity of the national movement,

    In the traditional skills, full of gorgeous atmosphere,

    The perfect blend of life and art,

    Every table and chair has its own characteristics.

    Every corner is organized.


    They are elegant in style,

    The details of the furniture are all beautifully carved and painted.

    Delicate and delicate embroidery, the entire space looks distinguished and elegant.

    Not only does it add a lot to the indoor environment,

    At the same time, it contains the cultural essence of unique interest.

    Simply beautifully penetrated into every corner.


    The emergence of modularity,

    It seems to interpret a word - infinite possibilities,

    Yes, it is infinite possibilities.

    That's right, it's it!

    ▲Decorative film + module body ▲Single module ▲Multiple module splicing

    From a single module,

    To each side of the assembly, every corner,

    They are full of the wisdom and sweat of the model people.

    In these modular works created by the heart,

    Containing the charm and soul that the craftsman has pinned on him,

    Every time I look at them,

    The pride in my heart is born.

    They are unique, novel and colorful.

    Flexible and diverse in assembly,

    Can greatly meet the diverse and flexible lighting needs of consumers,

    And it is more efficient and more economical than traditional technology.

    The modules can be combined into different shapes according to their own preferences.

    According to different scenarios,

    Decorate every corner of life needs.

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