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    Hunan Yuegang Motech Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic high-tech area of Hunan Changde, a beautiful peach garden. Guangdong-Hong Kong Mould Industry is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates LED lighting, display, production, sales and research. In order to cater to the development of the market and keep up with the pace of global environmental protection innovation, we will lead the trend of energy conservation. In January 2017, Guangdong and Hong Kong Mould has modularized the subversive design and innovation concept, and invested 5 billion in Hunan Changde National High-tech Zone. Covering an area of 1480 mu and a registered capital of 600 million yuan, it has established a complete modern modular lighting industry base. In January 2018, the Guangdong-Hong Kong Model and Production Institute strategic alliance and complementary resources created a complete national laboratory and built 1000. Pingmi's product display exhibition hall;

    In May 2018, in order to cater to the market and face the world, it quickly joined the domestic environmental protection, energy-saving and high-paying technology enterprises, joined forces with the industry alliance, integrated the development policy of mutual benefit and win-win resources, and responded to the government's call for the domestic famous brand China Construction Group (World 500). Strong), China Electronics Group (World Top 500), Sichuan Energy Investment Group (SASAC), Zhilian ICT, etc. launched smart city, smart lighting, smart energy saving, smart environmental protection, new energy recycling and overall smart city construction project industry The alliance launched a diversified marketing cooperation model during the same period. Create due contributions to energy conservation, environmental protection, and smart city construction;

    At present, the company has a number of high-tech modular products with independent intellectual property rights, such as indoor and outdoor lighting and display systems. In order to build the upstream and downstream vertical supply chain system of Guangdong and Hong Kong Model Industry Base, in order to meet the market demand, Model 2018 The company integrates M&A mold companies, water transfer companies, display companies, commercial lighting companies, industrial lighting companies, landscape lighting companies, road lighting companies and other full-scale optoelectronic industry service systems, providing the company with the necessary protection;

    Master Plan of the Model Industry Base


    The model sales network is fully covered, the e-commerce radiates Jingdong, Ali, Amazon, Tmall and has established a complete IoT platform lighting network; strategic cooperation company Xiaomi, E-commerce; in the domestic market set up East China, South China, Central China, North China, The five major operating centers in the Northeast have a marketing network covering more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, covering the entire domestic market. In the international market, the company's customer base has already radiated to Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and established with large global intermediate buyers. Strategic partnership. In the industry, it has a certain sales scale and service scope, mainly providing supporting energy-saving engineering design solutions and providing corresponding lighting products for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, advertising companies, engineering companies, and EMC energy-saving renovation companies.

     The mold modernization industrial base has a modern electronic production workshop, product aging workshop, product display hall, research and development laboratory and a comprehensive office building with pleasant environment. The company introduces the world's advanced production lines and professional testing equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for product quality. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 500 million US dollars and employs 1,000 people, including 100 administrative personnel, 200 branch offices and sales personnel, 100 design and development personnel, and 600 industrial managers and production employees.

    The company will use modular semiconductor lighting products as the basic industry platform, combined with the 'lighting network' CMS business model, integrate the middle and lower reaches of the domestic LED industry, and enter the world's 5 trillion market-scale smart city, smart home, optical communication, light Eight emerging industries such as growth and light medical care.

    The company continues the LED lighting industry with modular industry development, lighting electrical associations, and well-known scientific research institutes, dedicated to the creation of LED high-end products and the development of LED core technology. There are 80 senior LED design engineers in the company. The senior engineers have an average working life of more than 15 years, and have long-term academic exchanges with the American Energy Conservation Association and the Taiwan LED Industry Alliance. The company has established the “Changde City University Student Internship Base”, and has signed contracts with Hunan University of Arts and Science, Hubei University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning to form a wide-ranging “production, study and research” cooperation alliance, and at the same time with Tsinghua University, China University of Science and Technology, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Industry and Research Strategic Alliance;

    Office building


    At present, the company has applied for 361 patents (PCT36, 55 inventions, 109 utility models, 161 appearances), of which 109 patents have been granted (2 inventions, 41 utility models, 66 appearances), and computer software. Copyright: Lighting Network CMS Network Content Management System. The company is currently applying for IP-based enterprises, and plans to complete 500 patent applications within two years, forming a global patent pool and completing intellectual property and patent layout plans. The company has formed a complete benign management mechanism and operation mechanism, established a sound management and operation process, and passed the GB/T28001-2011 OHSAS18001 GB/T24001-2016 ISO14001 GB/T19001-2016ISO9001 management system certification, has completed 3C , CE product quality certification work. The company applied for 8 domestic trademarks, a total of 150; 2 international trademarks registered in 10 countries and regions, a total of 20.

    The company takes functional management as the core, and has six major functional centers, including research center, marketing center, manufacturing center, management center, financial center and supply chain management center, to drive the overall operation of the company. Our company has a perfect, high-quality sales and service team, we will promise for each of our customers: your joining, we will serve you and navigate all the way! Mold Industry will inherit the development mission of light and demonstrate the myth of energy saving legend!




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